Crafting to Change Lives

You can keep vulnerable babies warmer, safer and happier by crafting baby and infant items for our packs.   We can only fill up our amazing packs because of Craft Angels from around New Zealand!

You don't need to be an expert - there are lots of super simple projects for sewers, knitters and other crafters.     

You can even create and donate peggy squares as part of our "Little Squares for Little Sprouts" project.  And donations of 100% wool yarn are also very welcome!

Your creations will always go straight to a family in real need and through us you can support a huge range of amazing charities!

This entire section is dedicated to our wonderful Craft Angels -including guidelines to follow when crafting items for Little Sprouts' packs, tips, links to patterns and videos and more.  

Knitting & Crochet Guidelines

A range of knitted and crocheted items are including in Little Sprouts' packs including: blankets, cardigans, vests, singlets, hats, socks and bootees.

Full guidelines regarding sizing, style and yarn choice can be found here.

Sewing Guidelines

A range of sewn items are included in Little Sprouts' packs including: blankets, quilts, flannels, burp cloths, cot sheets, baby towels, nightgowns, merino clothing, and merino sleeping bags.

Full guidelines regarding sizing, style and fabric choice can be found here.

Toy Making Guidelines

A range of baby and infant toys are included in each Little Sprouts pack.  We always include: one large and one small soft toy, one rattle, one teether, one puzzle and one more interactive toy with “bells and whistles” in each of our baby packs, plus more.

Ideas for handmade toys include: taggies, play gyms, rattles, soft toys and knitted toys, baby blocks etc.

Full guidelines for making toys, including important safety information, can be found here.

"Little Squares for Little Sprouts"

Help us to ensure that every Little Sprouts pack includes a beautiful baby blanket, by being part of our "Little Squares for Little Sprouts" projecgt.  Your peggy squares, charm squares and fabric squares and ensure a vulnerable baby is kept warm and safe!

Learn more here.

Safety First

Because our packs emphasise safety, and our families are very vulnerable, it’s very important that care be taken to ensure all baby items are safe.

So for all baby items you make please:

  • Don’t include any kind of long ties, because they can pose a strangulation risk.
  • Ensure any buttons used are very securely sewn on (or use something else where possible, like a zip).  
  • Use the appropriate yarn/fabric.
  • Where eyes are used, ensure they are safety eyes that have been properly attached.
  • Ensure that any filling is safe for babies (eg. non toxic and please do not use pellets of any kind).
  • Ensure that stitching is very secure and that stuffing is securely enclosed in the item, preferably within a 'pop sock' or other inner layer to ensure it will not come out.
  • Ensure that all creations have been kept smoke free.

There are extra safety rules for Toys, which are explained in the Guidelines For Toy Making.


It’s really important that we know about the items you have made so we can make sure they get to the right homes and so that we can include them in our packs!  For example, we need to ensure that all clothing and bedding given to premature babies is 100% natural (cotton, merino, wool or bamboo).

Please attach to each item you donate a label that states:

  1. The age of the baby it is suitable for (ie. size).
  2. The yarn/fabric type.  This is very important as we can only include 100% cotton/wool in a number of circumstances.
  3. Basic washing instructions, if known.
  4. A contact email address and/or phone number, in case we need to check any details with you and so we can thank you!
  5. Any other information that our families or we should know about!

If you have little labels you can sew in with key details that would be amazing, but it isn’t required!

You can download a sheet of labels to print here.

Getting Completed Items To Little Sprouts

We have a number of different drop off points and you can also post donations to us.  Learn more here.


If you have any questions about crafting for our packs, including how to get your creations to Little Sprouts, please contact our Craft Angels team at 

Join our Craft Angels Group on Facebook! 

If you are on Facebook you can join our Craft Angels Group, where we post messages about special requests, share patterns and tips, and even share photos of crafty donations!