Donate Baby Items - New or Excellent Condition

Over the next year we will be giving away HUNDREDS of FREE life-changing baby packs - with over $500,000 worth of baby items in them!  

We love donations of all baby & infant items that are new* or in excellent pre-loved condition - from prem size right up to and including size 1.  (* Some items must be new, see below.)

Not just clothing but all things baby - bedding, sleeping bags, towels, flannels, front packs, disposable/reusable nappies, wipes, feeding items & baby food, toys, books, play gyms, and more!  

To give you a little idea, over the next year alone we need about NINE THOUSAND BODYSUITS for our packs!!!

Plus we always need donations of bassinets, moses baskets, and cots in excellent condition.  You can also donate 100% cotton and wool fabric and 100% wool yarn that our Craft Angels will lovingly turn into baby items.

We ensure that ALL DONATIONS we receive are given away for free to babies in real need.  

Most Needed Items

There are some items we really need right now, and donations of these items will enable us to give more packs away to babies in real need.  Learn about our Most Needed Items

We also love donations of hand crafted items.  Learn about Crafting For Our Packs

Items We Can't Accept

As our packs have everything in them that a baby/infant needs we welcome donations of absolutely all baby & infant items, with very few exceptions.  

The items we do not accept, for health and safety reasons, are:

  • Second hand soft toys.
  • Baby walkers.
  • Second hand car seats.
  • Second hand smoke alarms/thermometers.
  • Jolly jumpers.
  • Seats that attach to tables.
  • Baby hammocks.

We also can only accept donations that are:

  • From a smoke free home.
  • Either new or in excellent pre-loved condition.

How To Donate

We have a number of drop off points in different parts of New Zealand and postage options too.  Learn How To Donate.