Hold a Giving Day or Week

This is a simple, easy, and entirely free way for you to help, and a great way for not only families but businesses to help change babies' lives! 

All you need is a place for people to drop off donations for a day or a week.  Ideas include:

  • Your workplace.
  • Kindies.
  • Schools.
  • Churches.
  • Groups like like Guides or Scouts.
  • Plunket.
  • Parents Centres.
  • Antenatal groups.

We'll provide information about us and about the items needed.

All you need to do is distribute this information to your colleagues, kindy & school parents etc, and then at the end of the day/week our volunteers can pick up donations from you (in Wellington & Auckland).

If you are keen to get involved simply email us at: littlesproutsdonations@gmail.com.