Most Needed Items

There are some items in particular that we are really short on right now and that you might have to spare or (if you are crafty) that you might wish to create or even buy for our packs. 

We would be absolutely thrilled to receive any of the items listed below.  Donations of these items will enable us to give away more life-changing packs to babies in real need.

  1. Merino sleeping bags.
  2. Merino clothing, nightwear, hats etc.
  3. Wool/merino blankets (or peggy squares to turn into blankets - see Little Squares for Little Sprouts).
  4. Prem sized baby clothing (we need a large amount of prem sized items for the Neonatal Trust packs in 100% natural fibres).
  5. Cot sheets (fitted and flat).
  6. Burp cloths & flannels.
  7. Hooded baby towels.
  8. Disposable nappies in newborn & infant size.
  9. Change mats.
  10. Knitted vests or cardies from prem size to age 6 months to 1  year, preferably 100% wool that can be machine washed.
  11. Photoelectric Smoke Alarms.
  12. Digital Thermometers.
  13. Baby books.
  14. Baby toys, including soft toys if they have been recently purchased and are in excellent condition.
  15. Bassinets, moses baskets & cots.
  16. Strollers suitable for babies.

Creative ways to help

Here are some of the fantastic, creative ways that people have helped fill our baby packs:

  • When ordering books through schools via Scholastic etc you can order an extra book or two, as a gift from you to a baby!  
  • Daily deal sites often have incredible deals on baby items - you can order these and have them delivered to us, and we'll make sure they are gifted to a baby in eral need.
  • You can use loyalty points or Fly Buys points to buy baby items for families.