Little Sprouts is a totally volunteer run charitable trust based in New Zealand.  We give away free life-changing baby packs to families in real need.

Our Mission ...

Our mission is to give all babies the very best start in life . 

Our History ...

Little Sprouts was established and registered as a charity nine years ago - in April 2009.

Initially we provided baby clothing and other baby items on an ad hoc basis to families in real need in the Wellington region.

Over time we realised that the best way to ensure that we reached those most in need was to work with social workers from the network of charities and organisations in our community who support vulnerable families.

We also worked with key health and safety groups (like ACC, Safe Kids, the Fire Service, midwives, nurses and more) to develop the contents of our baby packs - packs designed to ensure that babies have everything they need to thrive.

In 2013 we agreed to support our first Charity Partners by providing our life-changing baby packs to all families their social workers identified as being most in need.

We now support OVER THIRTY different Charity Partners, we have three branches in Wellington, Auckland and Christchurch  and we give away over $1 MILLION worth of baby items across NZ each year.  

We have won awards at the New Zealander of the Year event, won the Health & Wellbeing Award for the entire Wellington Region and we are constantly growing across NZ. 

And we still are very proudly entirely run by passionate volunteers!

Our Core Belief ...

We believe that all babies deserve the best start in life and that  working together as one amazing community we can change babies' lives.

Our Guiding Principles  ...

All of our branches follow the same Guiding Principles which are crucial to how we run - you can learn more HERE.

Our Charitable Status ...

We are a registered charitable trust, and our Charities Commission number is CC38963.  

You can use this number to search the register and learn more about us here.

Via the register you can view our accounts, see how our funds are spent and confirm key details about us and our structure (including confirming that no funds are spent on paying volunteers).   

You can also search this register in relation to all other registered charities and we would encourage you to do so.


Our Head Office, and largest branch, is located in Wellington.  

Through our Wellington branch packs go out right across the Greater Wellington Region and often across the lower North Island, via a large number of Charity Partners.  

Our Wellington branch gives away over 365  amazing packs per year.  This means that Little Sprouts life-changing baby packs are given to over 6% of all babies born in the Wellington region.  Our goal is to get packs to 10% of all babies in Wellington in the not too distant future.

You can learn about Wellington's latest news, read updates from each branch, and see photos of donations received and packs given away at Little Sprouts NZ.


Little Sprouts Auckland was established in September 2014 by Libby Priscott & Ruth Nelson.

Our Auckland branch supports families in real need in the Auckland region.  

Our packs in Auckland go out through Charity Partners such as the Auckland Womens' Refuge, Middlemore Hospital, Plunket, Family Start Waitakere and the Family Start team at the Anglican Trust for Women & Children. 

You can learn about our latest news in Auckland at Little Sprouts Auckland


In early 2015, Little Sprouts Christchurch was set up by Katrina Hood and Eliza Waszczak.   It is now run by a committee of amazing volunteers.

 Our packs in Christchurch go out through Charity Partners such as the Early Start Family Start Program, Birthright Christchurch, the Neonatal Trust and more.

They are supporting families in real need in Christchurch & Ashburton.  They are currently working through Aviva (Christchurch Women's Refuge) the, Early Start Family Start Program and Barnardos.

You can learn about our latest news in Christchurch at Little Sprouts Christchurch.