Little Sprouts is a totally volunteer run charitable trust based in New Zealand.  We give away free life-changing baby packs to families in real need.

Our Mission ...

Our mission is to give all babies the very best start in life . 

Our History ...

Little Sprouts was started by Jo Alderdice, and her husband Andy Sole, in Wellington in 2009.  

They wanted to ensure that every child in New Zealand, regardless of their circumstances, was able to thrive.   

In its earliest days Little Sprouts simply received donations of baby and infant items and passed these on to families in need via social workers at local charities.

After working with social workers, doctors, nurses, midwives, ACC, sleeping experts and other experts it became clear that to make a real difference to vulnerable families it was important to ensure they had all of the key items needed to be healthy, safe and warm. 

This lead to the development of the life-changing Little Sprouts baby pack.  Our first baby pack was given away in Wellington in 2013.

Now hundreds and hundreds of baby packs are given away every year by social workers at over 70 charities across New Zealand  - our Charity Partners

We have branches in Wellington, Auckland, Waikato, Gisborne, Kapiti, Christchurch, and Invercargill and we give away over $1 MILLION worth of baby items across NZ each year.

We have won awards at the New Zealander of the Year event, won the Health & Wellbeing Award for the entire Wellington Region, won that Kapiti Rising Star Award, and we are constantly growing across NZ. 

In 2019 the Prime Minister of New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern, selected Little Sprouts as the recipient of New Zealand’s gift to celebrate the birth of the Royal Baby (Archie).

This is only possible because of the work of over 1,000 volunteers and crafters from across New  Zealand who help to run Little Sprouts and fill our baby packs. 

Despite the size and scale of what we now do we are still entirely powered by incredible volunteers.  

Our Core Belief ...

We believe that all babies deserve the best start in life and that  working together as one amazing community we can change babies' lives.

Our Guiding Principles  ...

All of our branches follow the same Guiding Principles which are crucial to how we run - you can learn more HERE.

Our Charitable Status ...

We are a registered charitable trust, and our Charities Commission number is CC38963.  

You can use this number to search the register and learn more about us here.

Via the register you can view our accounts, see how our funds are spent and confirm key details about us and our structure (including confirming that no funds are spent on paying volunteers).   

You can also search this register in relation to all other registered charities and we would encourage you to do so.

Our Branches

Our seven branches each have their own volunteers and committees, their own charity partners and they create their own packs for families within their local areas.  

But all of our branches work together to ensure we do the best job possible to help babies in real need and we all follow the same guiding principles.  National oversight is provided by a team in Wellington/HQ.

You can learn more about each branch below: