2015 - 2016:  regional winner - Wellington Airport Community Awards 

Little Sprouts is the current holder of the Health and Wellbeing Award for both Porirua City and the entire Wellington Region.

These awards are the pre-eminent awards in Wellington for charities.

The winners are determined in partnership between all five Wellington councils, the Wellington Community Trust, and the Wellington Airport.   

Key factors considered during judging are:

  • Volunteer input
  • Utilisation of resources
  • Innovation and creativity
  • Effectiveness of activities
  • Impact within the community

This award is recognition of the significant and ongoing impact that Little Sprouts has had on the health and wellbeing of the community.

2015:  asb "good as gold" award winner

Little Sprouts received a Good As Gold award from ASB and the Mike Hosking Breakfast Show.

This award was provided in acknowledgement of the hundreds of thousands of dollars of baby items given to babies in real need.

2014:  local hero medal - new zealander of the year awards

Little Sprouts received a local hero medal at the New Zealander of the Year Awards in 2014.

The New Zealander of the Year Awards celebrate those people who use their passion for New Zealand to make our country a better place.