Our Branches

Little Sprouts has three branches in New Zealand - in Wellington, Auckland and Christchurch.

Our Committee is based at our HQ in Wellington and our Auckland and Christchurch branches are run by their own management teams.

We are also supported by teams of volunteers who help with donations, fundraising, crafting, administration, marketing and much more.  

Everyone that is part of the Little Sprouts team works for free - we want to ensure that money we receive is used to benefit babies and families who need support.

HQ - Wellington

Little Sprouts HQ runs the Wellington branch and has overarching control of all Little Sprouts branches.  

The HQ Committee members are:

  • Jo Alderdice - National Manager & Trustee
  • Andrew Sole - IT & Trustee
  • Sharon Johnson - Secretary
  • Amanda Coyne - Accounts & Compliance
  • Cathleen Canavan - National Grants Officer & Volunteer Coordinator
  • Emma Appleby - Pack Request Coordinator
  • Hannah Robinson & Laura Wicken - Donations Managers
  • Monique Lubberink - Mum Gift Manager
  • Warwick Austin - Premises Manager
  • Amy Helm - Craft Angels Leader
  • Helen Watts - Fundraising Manager
  • Tania Elder - Easter Country Fair Manager
  • Marian Blackford - Charity Partner Liaison 

LIttle Sprouts Wellington welcomes new volunteers of all kinds - from one off jobs like washing and making up packs, to fundraising, helping with admin and promotion, helping with the Little Sprouts Easter Country Fair and much more.  

You can email us any time about volunteering at LittleSproutsNZ@gmail.com.

Little Sprouts Auckland

Little Sprouts Auckland is run by Libby Priscott.  

If you would like to join them please contact them at LittleSproutsAuckland@gmail.com.

Little Sprouts Christchurch

Little  Sprouts Christchurch is run by a team of volunteers including Kirsten Smart.  

If you would like to join them please contact them at LittleSproutsChristchurch@gmail.com.