A Picture Says A Thousand Words

Most of our packs are given away to families confidentially, so ordinarily we don't get to see the moment when they receive a pack or their beautiful wee babies..

But sometimes people share with us some special images, and we thought we should share them with you ...

We have also received some truly beautiful letters from families and from our charity partners.  You can read them here.

Baby Mason

This is a photo of wee baby Mason.

One week before he was born, we were contacted by a social worker who told us that she was working with a young mum who really needed a pack.

Within two days, one of our amazing volunteers dropped off a huge box full of everything Mason needed at birth and more.

We have since received thank you notes an this photo from his lovely mum. She explained how much the pack has helped her and what it means to her. 

Evolve Youth Services

Evolve Youth Services - Hanna (mum) and Hollie (bubs)