Sponsor BABY ITEMS OR A Pack

You can sponsor an entire life changing baby pack for just $120!

Our incredible packs contain well over $1,200 worth of baby items in each one and they are packed with everything needed to keep babies warmer, healthier and happier.  

Why is the sponsorship cost so low?   Because we are all volunteers and because of the wonderful crafters, families and businesses who donate items for each pack.  

You can also sponsor a pack as a very special gift to someone you know who would love to change a baby's life or to honour a loved one who is no longer here.

Imagine the difference your pack will make to families with premature babies in the NICU, women escaping violence, families dealing with terminal illness, refugees starting a new life in NZ, young parents and single parents who are struggling, families living in poverty, and many other vulnerable families.   Plus you support dozens of wonderful charities at the same time!

sponsor baby items

You can also help to change lives, for as little as $4, by sponsoring baby items that will go straight into our packs and be given away for free to babies in real need.


  • Item 1:  $4 - a set of socket covers; 
  • Item 2:  $10 - a photo-electric smoke alarm;
  • Item 3:  $14 - a digital thermometer; 
  • Item 4:  $25 - a set of cot sheets;
  • Item 5:  $35 - a set of 5 reusable nappies; 
  • Item 6:  $80 - a merino sleeping bag.

how to sponsor packs and baby items

If you wish to sponsor a pack, and keep a vulnerable baby in New Zealand warmer, safer and healthier, simply donate $120 to:

Little Sprouts Charitable Trust


Reference:  Sponsored Pack

Let us know if you would like updates about your pack, including which charity partners gives away your pack.   If you are sponsoring a pack as a gift to someone we can also send a thank you card to you or them explaining what the gift means.

If you would like updates or a gift card simply email us at littlesproutsnz@gmail.com once you have transferred payment.  

Please do also let us know if you require a receipt for tax purposes, we are a registered charitable trust and we are very happy to issue receipts.

If you wish to sponsor a pack item or items simply donate the appropriate amount to:

Little Sprouts Charitable Trust


Reference:  Item Number X [use the appropriate item number from the above]

Your sponsorship will enable us to help more vulnerable babies and their families!

Donate Funds

Donations of funds are also always very welcome.

You can rest assured that all donated funds are only used to buy baby items for babies in real need.  Learn more here.